January 25, 2010

New BIS Item Filters

I have redesigned how I filter the items in my site's database. There are currently 4 useful filters on items, including:

1. Available
2. Not Available
3. Hard Mode
4. Normal Mode

You can combine these filters. For example, you could look at only hard mode items that are available. You'd see a lot of TOC exclusive items since ICC hardmodes aren't out yet. It should be noted if you uncheck all difficulties it will reset to the default, and the same goes with available and not available. Since the site does not parse the items themselves (the names/etc are entered by hand) this prevents filters regarding to item stats. If I pursue that further there may be bigger things in store.

You can of course access these filters on the top of all item listing pages and the main index.

January 18, 2010

Blood Wing Items on "Now Available" Filter

I'll be moving the new blood wing items that are available tomorrow to show up under the "available items". This will happen today so you get a little preview of tomorrow.

Good luck on Blood Princes and Blood Queen!

January 6, 2010

New Site Feature: Sort by Available Items

As the ICC wings are released I am tagging items if they're actually available ingame or not. You can now click the filter on the list to change to available items only instead of showing the super hardmode items that aren't out yet.