January 17, 2011

Introducing the World of Warcraft Best In Slot Resource

I am very pleased with the success of Best In Slot Holy Paladin.  So much so, I've decided to expand its idea and execution to all of the classes in WoW (well, minus subtlety rogues since I guess they don't raid at all).

The result is the World of Wacraft Best In Slot Resource, a subscription-driven website.  I cannot picture spearheading such a huge project like this without being compensated in some way.  The cost of (good) hosting, SSL certificates, domain, and other setup fees are very real.  The subscription model is reasonable: $9.99 nets you three months of full access and even after that you don't see ads anymore while logged in. $3.33/mo is similar to other online subscription services so I think this is a fair price.

Subscribers get full weight/filter access, see all items on the site, get to comment on all of the lists, and more.  To view a full list of features visit the subscription page.  Free users still see all BIS lists, they're just limited and don't show the full picture of gear for that spec.

This means BIS Holy Paladin as a site will no longer be actively maintained.  The site isn't being shut down, so as holy paladins you are all set until it becomes outdated.  I'm not heartless, I know a lot of people use this site so shutting it down and putting up a paywall on it is just a bad move.

Updates to all holy paladin information will be present at the new site.