December 28, 2009

Modifying the BIS Resource Rankings

I've been changing some rankings around recently, most notably the trinket selection. Heroic Sliver of Pure Ice is a 1 minute on use trinket which provides technically more mp5 than a heroic Solace, but the passive Solace does require less thinking than Sliver so I've moved Sliver below Solace.

I've also rethought my stance on the older Talisman of Resurgence trinket and realized that it is still the best for my playstyle and philosophy. Remember that all alternatives are listed on the specific slot pages, so anything you think is wrong is up to you. This list is not absolute, and that is important to note. It fails to acknowledge all playstyles, guild ability, and personal preference. It's simply a look into what I, as a high end raiding paladin, prefer as the best items to use.


  1. I wonder how you would rank Leggings of Dubious Charm - they dropped for me from trash in Icc 25 and as I was above softcap on haste I found them to good to pass on.

    I don't see them on your list

  2. I added those to the list. Thanks.