August 14, 2010

Item level for crafted items

Ilvl 359 for crafted Blacksmith epics? Way to go Blizzard for ramping up ilvl to insane levels when you said you weren't. If an epic is worth less than it is today I'll be packing my bags for good.

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  1. thought blz said entry raid bosses will drop blues+epics, so yeah..if thats the case, epic should worth more

  2. Wh, I've logn said I wished they'd put a new color in between legendary and epic....

    but.. as far as ilevels go... I don't think it matters too much. has it been concluded where in blacksmithing these 359's will come from? These could be basic 'leveling up to 525 skill'.. these could be 'really hard to make items'.. these could be the cata equivalency to pillars of might. I won't trust anything til it's on live.. even if it's base line crafted now, it could jsut be to make sure the recipe works right on beta. Nothing is guarenteed, in beta. :)

    sides... does it REALLY matter how much an epic is worth? I mean... it's just a color.. and a slightly different I would thing, itemization budget. as long as it balances out in the long run... isn't it all good?

  3. I suppose if it works out in the end it doesn't matter, but that's a massive leap compared to Wrath when they were supposedly going to slow down gear inflation for Cataclysm. WOTLK jumped up to ilvl200 epics to start with which wasn't all THAT much higher than BC. This is over 70 ilvls assuming these are something you'll be able to attain relatively soon after 85 if you put some effort in.

  4. Sorry, a few days late coming bak to this....

    This is true... but I've also read that they already know what the end game expansion loot for cata is going to look like, as far as item levels, stats, etc goes. So i'ts a fair assumption that they're going to try and keep the 'growth' of items far more controlled then it was in wrath. Yes, the item numbers are far larger, but, they know what the 'end' will be :D

  5. Another thought I just had: One of the other 'goals' they have with cata is to drastically increase health pools of all classes. As I understand it, items do have a limited number of points on them, determined by the ilevel (ie, ilevelx2... or something), so, to put the amounts of stamina they're wanting on all items and not break 'the rules', they had to jump up the basic ilevels you see...

    ...of course, I'd like to see more 'rare' items, myself.. it's sad not even looking at epics in some dungeons anymore. (except as a lamenting "where was that when I was gearing up?!")