September 5, 2010

Level 85 Holy Paladin Spells & Abilities

Eloderung has a post on the WoW forums about level 85 holy paladin spells and abilities. It also reflects on the difficulty of the beta zones, but no 85 instances yet since they're untestable. The level 85 guardian looks fantastic as well and I hope they revamp the other spell graphics to this level.

The main thing I notice from this post is that even though the quest gear isn't in the new zones yet... everything seems pretty difficult. Eloderung is a top-geared holy paladin now so it's not like he's going in there wearing low-level 80 epics. This should mean when new gear does show up things will be pretty well tuned and not really a walk in the park. I personally hope Blizzard leans towards more difficult, even while leveling. Their players have been with this game for up to 6 years now... it's time to stop hand-holding through the entire game.

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