December 13, 2010

Healing Cataclysm heroics and the coming raids

Just thought I'd post a follow up to my Cataclysm healing impressions post.  Heroics are very fun in greens/blues and it's refreshing to be required to use all abilities again.  I haven't seen my cooldown tracker overflow down the screen in a while.

Raiding is pretty challenging after having a brief view of it last night.  My position in a guild has been flaky for a while but I think I may have found a raiding guild to stick with finally.  I'm a sucker for organization and prepared players.  The bosses have really unique abilities that are very punishing if you do it wrong.  In WOTLK overpowered healing could compensate for bad play but it definitely isn't happening anymore.

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  1. I completely agree. As someone who quit playing Holy because I was tired of the humdrum HL bombs, it's nice to have the new abilities and be forced to utilize them.

    I don't see myself going back to a Prot mainspec for a while. ;)