February 7, 2010

Pointscore, Weights, and Updates

The site has been through a pretty large update today. First, there are new filters pertaining to group size. You can now filter by 10 man, 25 man, and items not found in either.

The backend of the site has been recoded to parse Wowhead's XML item feeds and automatically find healing stats relevant to holy paladins. What this means is that a "pointscore" can be calculated based on item stats. This is calculated via weights. I have some default weights in the website (mostly how I rank the items with some wiggle room). It's important to note that items are still manually ranked by me. The stat parse and pointscore are not absolute, because sometimes items have certain color sockets or meld differently at the level of gear the item is at. For example, the Plague Scientist Boots score highest, but they're rated under mp5 alternatives manually because other ilvl277 items are only available without mp5 and the balance of gear shifts to not favor wearing those boots.

If you don't agree with that, then you can enter your own weights and sort the item slot pages based on the pointscore by clicking the column. The format of slot pages is different, though the old layout still remains as an option if you want to view it that way (see link at the top of slot pages).

Weight values are limited to positive values under 10 (under 100 for sockets) so you can put pretty large gaps in stats if you want. I suggest writing down your preferred weights if you find some nice ones because the site stores your values based on session variables and is not permanent. To find out more on the Pointscore, like the formula, visit the pointscore page. Weights aren't shown on the main index because those items are determined only via filters and manual rankings. You'll have to visit the slot pages to see pointscore comparisons.

If anything's broken or weird email me via the contact page. I hope this allows people to view holy paladin items ranked how they prefer stats more accurately.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful site and individual comments for the different pieces of gear!

    It would be nice if this could be copied for other classes by informed players. Ele shammy, moonkin, etc. Maybe someone from EJ would be interested.

  2. Yeah, I thought of building the framework for all class/specs but it just seems like a massive undertaking. I'm sure the interest would be there but it also requires pretty in-depth knowledge of all classes/specs.