May 18, 2010

Ruby Sanctum Gear

New Ruby Sanctum stuff is showing up on MMOC. No int trinket, nice job Blizzard!

EDIT: Added the patch to the site filters. Items for RS up in the patch pages.


  1. Hmm, but have you looked at the effect from that trinket? If my math's right this will be the BiS trinket for Holy Paladins, most likely replacing the Talisman. Because it only benifits from direct heals Paladin's will be one of the best choices to give this trinket too.

    But still, no int? Come on Blizz, throw us a bone here...

  2. I'm not so sure I'd use a pure throughput trinket regardless. Unless it accounts for an ungodly amount of healing I can't see it being better than the top regen trinkets, especially since heroic LK is so taxing on mana. And Blizzard says mana isn't an issue, heh. If I was in a guild where we ran only easy content I would definitely consider it an upgrade though.