July 17, 2010

Cataclysm Holy Paladin Changes

I've built a new page on the main website that I intend to keep updated that lists the current beta changes for holy paladins. I'm not actually in beta, but I'll try to keep it updated the best I can. I am very interested in the changes to our class.

is the page for the changes.


  1. New updates today.

    I'm kind of disappointed they opted not to go with the judgement synergy. The tree has a distinct abundance of "increases X by X" talents too. Wtf, I thought we were getting rid of those Blizzard?

  2. Minor updates today to Tower of Light / Healing Light. Healing Light is still boring and just applies passive healing to a couple spells now. Come on Blizzard, get creative!

    Also, I'm very disappointed that ret is the clear winner for our 2nd tree. Will Blizzard ever give an interesting choice between ret and prot as holy's offspec? WOTLK had crit vs insane raid utility and it was clear that the raid utility was better. Speaking of which, I wish the 60 second sacred shield talent was still around in the Cat. trees. That's going to be annnoying.

  3. New Updates today.

    * Speed of Light now increases your movement speed for 4 sec. Down from 10 sec.
    * Improved Lay on Hands is gone.
    * Last Word (Tier 2) *New* - Gives your Word of Glory a 30/60% increased critical chance when used on targets with 35% or less health.
    * Sanctified Light is now named Arbiter of the Light - Increases the critical effect chance of your Judgement, Holy Light and Templar's Verdict by 6/12%.
    * Hand of Protection no longer seems to have the Avenging Wrath restriction.
    * Rule of Law now Increases the critical effect chance of your Crusader Strike, Holy Shock and Word of Glory by 5/10/15%. (Old - Crusader Strike and Holy Light)