July 11, 2010

The end of the line...

For me at least in Wrath of the Lich King. My guild has fallen apart and due to a full time job and other commitments I'll be taking an extended break from WoW.

This website as far as I can tell will remain valid until the expansion, at which point it will require massive updates and modification. Whether I'm up to that task depends on if I'm back in the game or not. I certainly plan to TRY Cataclysm but several changes have miffed me including:

1. Old PVP titles being recycled from classic. I obtained Grand Marshal on my warrior during this time and believe me, that time spent should at LEAST keep a token title through WoW's future. 14 hours a day of grinding is a ridiculous investment and to take away the only remaining indicator of that time is wrong.

2. Not sure I like where they're going with holy paladins so far. I like the healing style change but I don't like the nerf to kings, the nerf to illumination (currently the MMOC text reads that it does not work with the new Divine Light, who knows if this will change or if it's just a mistake), and to an extent the massive homogenization of our buffs (might/wis rolled into one, other classes giving kings). I'm also not digging Healing hands... it just feels too gimmicky right now. A spell that requires us to move for positioning of all things is counter-intuitive to our other heals that require us to stand still. The only thing we cast while moving is holy shock while something like a druid could move and make use of healing hands without sacrificing a ton of other healing. Standing still on a group doing healing hands sounds useful but for our supposed solution to AOE healing it sounds limited. Ultimately I need to see a talent tree before I pass final judgement on holy paladins.


  1. Healing Hands also has me very wary of where the holy paladin is heading for cataclysm. I'm actually looking forward to the buff consolidations thought.

    I don't understand why they can't just make up new pvp titles instead of recycling the old ones.

  2. Lol. Pass Judgement.

    Its funny because you are a paladin.