December 6, 2010

Cataclysm Item Drop Locations for Holy Paladins

The main site now has drop locations for all gear minus a few odd items here and there.  This includes raid gear.  The new has drop locations for all of the raid gear listed, so we now know what bosses drop the goods!  I've also added several items lower than ilvl 333 since the non-85 normal dungeons have lower level items than that.  I'll continue to add these as I find them (I have most of them I think).


  1. Thanks, please update this page as well:

  2. Keep up the great work Vile we are watching this page. I recommend it often.

    SunRA - Stormscale

  3. Activist: I will get the gems/enchants updated soon. I'm still actually figuring out all of that myself. Though, for gems, intellect is still mostly king. In Cata though I feel like getting socket bonuses is beneficial, especially on multi-socket items where each socket adds 10 rating/stat to the socket bonus.

    William: Thanks! I find myself using it often for the new stuff as well :)